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Realize your dreams with

Mind Control

When you control your mind, you use more of it.
That more is your Intuition!
Mind Control System

The leading technique to tap into your ESP (intuition) and use the power of your mind to it's full capacity. Over one million people have used Silva Mind Techniques successfully!

"Anything with the name of Jose Silva as the author has
my vote before I open to page one"

Dr. Wayne Dyer, Best-selling author of Manifest Your Destiny, Real Magic and dozens of other top selling success books.

Success rates for CEO's
are proportional to their ability to tab into their ESP

Prof. John Mihalsky, a researcher at the Newark College of Engineering and author of the book "Executive ESP" showed what has long been knonw. That the most important life decision's are not based on facts, as is commonly assumed, but on feelings and intuition. This does not only apply to business decisions, this applies to all decisions in life.

The Jose Silva method teaches you how to tap into your ESP (intuition) and improve your decision making process.

Do the results work for ordinary people too?
In Baltimore we conducted a class for homeless people.

70 % of participants were able
to find a job within 2 weeks!

Imagine what Mind Control
can do for you.

“The greatest discovery of the 19th century

was not in the realm of the physical sciences, but the power of the subconscious mind touched by faith. Any individual can tap into an eternal reservoir of power that will enable them to overcome any problem that may arise. All weaknesses can be overcome, bodily healing, financial independence, spiritual awakening, prosperity beyond your wildest dreams. This is the superstructure of happiness.”

William James, Harvard Psychologist, the Father of American Psychology.

Jose Silva already knew all of that over 25 years ago and has developed

    special methods
    unique techniques

so you can learn to use the unlimited power of your intuition at will
and make your dreams come true!

Silva Ultra Mind Control is

A method of dynamic meditation to help you find your purpose in life and to move you towards this greater goal.

Everyone is put on this planet for a reason. Find out what that reason is and doorways will open up. However, you can only achieve anything you desire, if and only if, what you desire is part of your Soul's plan for your.

Silva Ultra Mind Control

Will teach you

To tab into your ESP (intuition) at will

To exercise Mind control

To have greater influence over others

To be more successful in Life

To activate your inner healing powers

To deal better with stress

To increase your self esteem

To live a happier and more fulfilling life

To make the rest of your life,
the best of your life

Imagine you had it all ‘.

fullfilment in your professional career



the loving relationship

vibrant health

Creative expression

You will realize your dreams with Mind Control!

Mind Control System

is so successful, because

it is based on the fundamtental pre-requisite for a successful life, your souls plan for you.

it has incorporated unique techniques into meditation leading to dynamic meditation.

Dynamic Meditation

Jose Silva had dedicated his whole life to learn more about the power of the mind. In many years of research he found out that during Meditation he cold get in touch with Higher Intelligence (ESP) and achieve outstanding results beyond our ordinary understanding.

His great accomplishment was, to create techniques so you can learn to activate and use this phenomena, which he called taping into your ESP, at will to reveal your souls plan for you and to activate the unlimited powers of your Higher Self to lead towards that goal.

Personal experience of thousands of Silva Ultra Mind Control graduates proved him right.

The huge benefits of basic meditation (or “passive” meditation in comparison to “dynamic” meditation) are becoming more and more known. Meditation teaches you to control your mind. It reduces the activities of the brain, increases stillness of the mind through a process of concentration and contemplation to reach inner peace of mind, harmony and a state of deep relaxation.

This can be measured in the reduction of the mind waves from Beta level to Alpha Level and beyond. The Alpha level is associated with intuition and ESP.

Aug 4 2018 Time Magazine dedicated a whole article on the benefits of meditation:

Meditation is being recommended by more and more physicians as a way to prevent, slow or at least control the pain of chronic problems like :

  • Heart Conditions
  • AIDS
  • Cancer

It is also being used to restore balance in the face of psychiatric disturbances such as :

  • Depression
  • Hyperactivity
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

“For 30 years mediation research has told us that it works beautifully as an antidote to stress,” says Daniel Goleman, author of Destructive Emotions, a conversation among the Dalai Lama and a group of neuroscientists. “But what‘s exciting about the new research is how meditation can train the mind and reshape the brain.”

Quote from Time Magazine Aug 4 2018

Jose Silva, founder of Silva Mind Control, already knew that long ago from his own personal experience. Using his specially developed techniques for personal development in meditation, instead of just enjoying the peaceful moment (passive meditation), is what Jose Silva called Dynamic Meditation.

"Visualization, mental rehearsal, stress management, and intuition are as much a part of an athlete's training regimen as diet, exercise, and sport specific practice. The Silva System allows instant access to these mental techniques"

Lance R. Miller, International Shooting Coach; Director, Fla. State Junior Olympic Camp; 2018, USA Shooting, Coach of the Year.

The unique Silva Ultra Mind Control techniques
are taught two ways:

During a two day intesnive Seminar

Home Study Course with books and CD's

The home study course teaches you everything the seminar offers and follows the same systematic approach. However, during the seminar trained and experienced instructors will help you to learn much, much faster. In both cases you have to practice on an ongoing bases to learn to incorporate the learned principles into day to day activities.

Here is, what you will learn
in just two days on the seminar!

1. Meditation

At first you will learn to reach the Alpha level of your mind very fast with great ease. This deep level of consciousness during meditation which is associated with intuition and ESP is the foundation for the next step.

2. Dynamic Meditation

Now the unique techniques of Jose Silva will be taught, to accomplish full mind control and use the power of the mind to it's full potential. Silva UltraMind takes the original Silva Mind Control Method to the next level.

The Three Scenes Technique

This visualization technique stimulates your mind to lead you towards a desired goal. This technique does not just serve to create self-motivation internally. It will actually create external events, things otherwise considered to be beyond your control. In short you will be able to influence "coincidences" to push you towards your goals.

The Mental Video Technique

This technique will give you the ability to use the natural tendency of the body mind complex to go to deeper level of consciousness during sleep. You learn to program your mind to tap into higher consciousness while you sleep to bring you answers to complex problems and provide you with guidance in life. Find out if you're in the right career, where to live, which relationships to pursue through guidance from higher intelligence.

Life-changing Experience

"The UltraMind system has been a real life-changing experience! I find that I have enriched my life by being able to help other people. I have had tremendous success using a pendulum through the Psychometry technique. Although I am a rather skeptical person, the Ultramind system has helped me to have confidence in my abilities! The main benefit that I gained was increased intuition. I have always had intuitive awareness all of my life but never knew how to use it to my advantage or have confidence in the intuitive thoughts/feelings. By going to level, I have been able to increase my intuitive experiences and have the confidence to follow through on them. I receive many of my messages through dreams or visions."

Jen O, Cincinnati, OH

These mind control techniques will help you in two ways :

    1. Creating Opportunities

    2. Removing Obstacles

Very often we are not capable to use opportunities successfully
because obstacles stand in our way. These obstacles can be external (such as finances) and internal (such as bad habits).

The Silva Mind Control Techniques are helpful in both areas.

They are extremely helpful in all stress related sufferings, such as anxiety and any kind of post traumatic stress disorders. Latest research indicates that most, if not all diseases are related to stress, because stress weakens the immune system. And a weak immune system will not be able to resist bacteria and viruses. The reduced Alpha brain wave levels during meditation however stimulate the inner healing powers and strengthen the immune system.

Improved Health and Greater Energy

"I found the tapes informative and helpful. I used the short relax tape the most. I have noticed in a very short period of time improvement in my health and my energy level increased. I also experienced more joy in my life, more self control, and the feeling of being self empowered was great! I always have struggled with the lack of self empowerment. This made the negative influences from others ineffective for the most part. When I began to feel drained, I would go back into my exercises. It conquered fear and worry for me."

Debbie G, Vallejo, CA

Mind Control

also helps with health problems


Blood pressure



Sleeping disorder

Learning disabilities such as ADD

Kicking bad habits: Smoking, drinking, overeating

100% Migraine Free

"I suffered with migraine headaches for as long as I can remember, and that was part of the reason I wanted to take the course, because I heard people have so much success with that. I took the course in August, and have been 100 percent successful in keeping myself migraine free since then without medication! I am so happy, you just don't know. I know that there is so much more to be gotten out of this course, but if that's all that I ever get, I'm delighted!"

Evelyn P, Rhode Island

You are welcome to view our testimonial section for over 100 pages of stories and testimonials on the Jose Silva Ultra Mind Control System.

You will have personal positive experiences of the extraordinary power of your mind!

Already on the second day of the Seminar you will experience undeniable evidence of your own ESP at work! Guaranteed! This is an incredible powerful and emotional moment for many of our graduates.

You do not need to believe any more, you will KNOW!

You will be given names and locations of random people unknown to you and you will receive information on them and their state of health through clairvoyance. You will be given a hidden object in a box or envelope and will be able to determine accurate information about these objects. This in no Magic, this phenomenon is commonly called psychometry.

Your seminar was a tour-de-force.

I procrastinated taking a Jose Silva UltraMind Seminar for years! Better late than never and "There's a time for everything." You are a mental wizard and you know your stuff! I feel like I took gained a graduate degree in success, psychic development and personal power in two relaxing, demanding and social days. Your orchestration was like a classical symphony. I "saw" an Oxford Health Plan card in a person's pocket book and "perfectly described" her non-attendant boyfriend with one day of your instruction. By the second day you had me "seeing" and healing people hundreds of miles away.”

L. Hanes, New York City, NY

You will learn to use theses abilities to make important decisions in your life.
Mind Control System
What does SumS offer, exactly?

2 day seminar

home study course on CD's

offers breathtaking personal experience of ESP at work in only two days

teaches everything the course does

If you cannot attend the seminar which people usually pay $ 400.- and upwards, depending on the area and instructor, then the Home Study Course is the right choice for you.

Recommended Silva's home study course to Many People

"I have benefited all around, so I cannot say for sure which exercise helped most. I have already recommended it to many people. I think it is a great presentation as it stands. with the minor adjustment to the voice levels, or a rerecording with a more natural presentation, it will be perfect. I can see why it has stood the test of time in this new age market. I have gotten amazing results within the first month of using this....thanks again for a great product."

J. Newman, Salem, MA

For your self improvement at home you will get :

41 lessons on 8 CD's

8 powerful Mind Stimulation Exercises

1 Bonus relaxation CD ($19.95 value)

for FREE

Instant Download of the Silva Centering Excercise

for FREE

The Silva Ultra Mind Seminar e-Book

for FREE

You will learn everything you could experience during the Seminar and you will save about $ 300.- .

We guarantee your satisfaction.

The success proven leading technique
To accomplish mind control and to use the power of your mind
to change your life to the better!

Best of all

"I have been investigating and researching everything in the self-help and metaphysical field for the last 20 years ... I have learned many techniques to help people, and the best of all is The Jose Silva Ultra Mind ESP System. I cannot imagine anyone not wanting to learn Jose Silva's System once they understand how valuable these techniques are."

J. Newman, Salem, MA

“How can you deliver
so much for so little?”

Do you know, when we receive this question?
At the end of the seminar! It‘s our favourite question.

The answer is simple.

Personal Development, increased Self Worth and improved Health
are priceless.

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    Mind Control

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