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What People are Saying About Jose Silva's UltraMind ESP System

In these pages, see stories about how people have applied Jose Silva's techniques in many areas to improve their personal lives, career, health and relationships

In the index, click on the area that interests you the most and enjoy the stories. Then contact us to learn how easy it is for you to learn the same techniques that these people used, and be just as successful. 

Jose Silva's UltraMind ESP System

The following testimonials are from students who have attended our seminars in 2003

I studied lots of books but never really got anywhere – but this seminar was the MISSING LINK I needed!”
~ Myra, NJ

Great Seminar
“Thanks again for the great seminar. I enjoyed it very much and I use the technique every day. I am trying to integrate the healing techniques in my work with other alternative therapies and I am really excited about it. Many amazing coincidences brought me here and I never really understood, how that happened. Thanks to the seminar it all makes sense now and I can work more conciously on drawing even more "coincidences" into my life, which I certainly do. It works! You did a great job on leading the seminar”
 ~ R.J, NY

“Your seminar was a tour-de-force. I procrastinated taking a Silva Seminar for 10 years! Better late than never and "There's a time for everything." You are a mental wizard and you know your stuff! I feel like I gained a graduate degree in success, psychic development and personal power in two relaxing, demanding and social days. Your orchestration was like a classical symphony. I "saw" an Oxford Health Plan card in a person's pocket book and "perfectly described" her non-attendant boyfriend with one day of your instruction. By the second day you had me "seeing" and healing people hundreds of miles away.”
~ L. Hanes, New York City, NY

TESTIMONIAL from a Father who brought his son to our April Seminar in New York .
“Here is what Anton told me at the end of the day on Sunday: "Thank you so much for bringing me here. This is probably the most important thing I have ever or will ever learn" Now that is a bold statement from 14 years old!!!! This [his] e-mail exchange today: “This is so damn cool!!!!!! Using the alpha level thing last night, I feel like I completely ACED the test, seriously, I feel a 100%! I knew how to solve it all!!! Wow this is really cool.”
Dmitry C (NYC)

Exceeded Expectations
"The Silva Ultramind Course exceeded my expectations. I have experienced  increased power and effectiveness and increased peace of mind since taking  the course. I highly recommend it."
~ Jill H.

Great Experience
“[The] Weekend was a great experience for me. It reinforced what I have always believed- that we use so little of the universal mind and our intuitive, psychic abilities and therefore limit ourselves and our potential to help ourselves and others. I feel different. More confident about my future and my ability to create my own reality. New possibilities are opening up and I am more robustly pursuing my dreams.”
Z. Malik (NYC)

Solving Business Problems
"I just need to tell you this story. Listen: I work in Financial Management company that provides financial solutions for major international banking institutions. We had [a] client in Europe [and] the project involving my team was well under way. The project was not going easy and we had some tensions, but when the client's management team changed we had to deal with an absolutely arrogant and unreasonable person. Yesterday our final round of negotiations failed and this person stormed out of the meeting room cursing. I went into my Alpha level in the evening and pictured this person forgiving and shaking hands with our rep (Our rep had requested resignation yesterday). I pictured them both calm and collaborating and both companies benefiting from the project completion. Guess what? Today our rep is in a good mood and back to work. That arrogant manager did apologized and the project keeps running. I am amazed."
~ Arthur D.

Mind Altering and Magical
“Allow me the opportunity to thank you again for a most joyous, momentous and excellent weekend.  It was truly a worthwhile and memorable experience for me, as I had plenty of FUN, LEARNED really great, surprising and interesting facts, and experienced profound MIND ALTERING and MAGICAL things.  Loved your goal setting segment. Thank you. I will be contacting several people that I have in mind within the next couple of days to share with them my thoughts and experience about your UltraMind seminar, and I will be forwarding their contact information to you once I have their approval.  In addition, I will give my 15 year old nephew the gift of attending and participating in your next seminar this coming April.”
Rick Mata, New York City, NY

Excellent Teaching
“Thank you again for your excellent teaching at the seminar. I have been continuing my education and have seen many exciting changes in my life. It is a continuing life experience and my life is getting better and better. I’m still cleaning up after my most successful tax season ever. I was able to go through it and accept the pressures without becoming ‘stressed out’. I worked longer hours and still slept better than before.”
~ R.A, Tax Consultant, New York.

Cured Back Problem - Best Seminar Ever Attended
"I had a back problem for 30 years. You cleared it up in 30 seconds.
The best seminar I ever attended. Fantastic. No words to describe the class. Fantastic will have to do."
~ FS (Los Angeles)

Losing Weight
"Also, one of my long term goals in the class was to lose weight. Although I have not focussed much on this issue, I did do the three scenes in which I saw myself making better choices about what I eat, and ended with the result of being my ideal weight. Recently, I noticed that without struggle I have made dramatic changes in the way I eat -- much less fat and sugar and smaller helpings, yet I seem to be more satisfied and enjoying the taste of the food I eat more than ever."
~ G.H (requested name not be used)

Coincidence in Finding a Job
"My wife was actively looking for summer job only 2 days a week during July and August. She is pediatric Physical Therapist and her regular children are on vacation for the summer. Whomever she talked to offered full time only. So I went to level and programmed that she would find a position. 3 days later I get an email ( not her - me ) that an employer is looking for Phys therapist to work part time in Children Hospital for summer. She faxed her resume, but for 2 days - no response. I went to level in the morning and pictured that the lady from hospital HR looked over the faxes and called my wife  - guess what happened next? By 2 p.m. my wife informs me that she received a message and the Hospital is very interested. Problem was that they failed to get in touch with each other during day and both left messages only. By 9:30 p.m. my wife was really disappointed that she could not talk to person directly. At 9:35p.m. I went to level and has spiritual conversation with HR lady inviting her to call Olga ( my wife ) right away. 9:38p.m. she CALLED!"
~ D.C

Getting Money Due
"2 months ago I loaned my friend a substantial sum of money. He told me why he needed the money and I disliked the reason. When the time to pay the loan had come he was not able to do so. After 2 week of waiting I decided to go to level and talk to him in the following manner: It would be better to start a positive living for you. You can start by returning the debt to your friend ( me ) and that would make you feel good. Also you might want to stop the activity that forced you to ask for money in the first place. 3 Days later I received call from him. We met and he told me: I feel good returning this money to you and I've made a decision to terminate involvement with these risky activities. I could not believe my ears. So now I am a believer of [the] Silva UltraMind System. To everybody out there - keep trying . It does not come easy but it will. PRACTICE makes PERFECT."
~ Thomas (name changed)

Completing a Screenplay
"I am most  excited about the results I got from using the three scenes technique on a screenplay I had been contracted to write. The project had been stalled for a year over legal issues because the producer was not able to get the necessary permissions to go ahead. The result I wanted was a 'green light'  to go ahead with the project. I spoke to the producer, and he gave me permission to go ahead on my own. Within a few weeks, I was able to get  the necessary permissions to go ahead with the project. I will certainly  continue to use these techniques as the project moves through the many phases involved."
~ Jackie (name changed)

Worth the trip to New York
"I took the seminar in February and cannot come to this one, although it would definitely be worth another trip to NY. I have continued to experience the effects throughout the three months since then. And I'd like to offer one last thought. When the student is ready, the teacher will come. Thank you. It was the beginning of a lifetime of change. Feel free to use my comments in your promotions."
~ R.A

More Confident About My Future
"Weekend was a great experience for me. It reinforced what I have always believed- that we use so little of the univesal mind and our intuitive, psychic abilities and therefore limit ourselves and our potential to help ourselves and others. While nothing overtly is different in my life, I feel different. More confident about my future and my ability to create my own reality. New possibilities are opening up and I am more robustly pursuing my dreams."
~ Lisa J.

Using UltraMind to successfully negotiate a half-million dollar business deal.
"I was put in charge of buying a large amount advertising space for my company. The company selling the space offered us the spot for $500,000.00. This was way above our budget. My CEO who is an excellent negotiator had been trying to get them down to $100,000 for months but had no success. Finally he dumped the project on me. I had no experience with this sort of negotiation but I used the Three Scenes technique while in my meditative level to communicate with the advertisement seller and to request a better deal. The seller had been ignoring me for 2 weeks but that very next day I got a call saying they had agreed to come down to $100,000. I was amazed - we had been trying for months to no avail. By now my confidence was at a peak so I refused the offer and went to my meditative level again and asked for an even better deal. I mentally visualized myself in the negotiation and getting the deal I wanted. Again the results came hard and fast. The very next day I managed to get them down to $60,000. We signed the contract! My CEO was amazed that I managed to do this. Well I got a huge bonus. This was 2 months after taking the UltraMind seminar. Lets just say the seminar paid for itself 20 times over in a mere 2 months. I have since had 5  of my friends attend. Feel free to use this on your site but please don't mention my company name - Thanks."
 ~ John, Business Development Manager at a Silicon Valley Company.

The Core of the Entire Silva System
"I wanna thank you very much for the wonderful UltraMind workshop. It is a great experience. I've taken the Basic Lecture Series before UltraMind. From my perspective, the BLS is an introduction and the UltraMind is the Core of the entire Silva System."
~ Mark

Fantastic and would recommend to anyone
"I had some doubts about taking time away from my Tax work at this busy time but I am glad I did. The seminar was fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone. One 'coincidence' this week occurred Monday night. My friend Dorothy had fallen and injured her foot several months ago. She has been in constant pain ever since. She wanted to go skiing on Tuesday but didn't know if she should because of the pain. I went to center as I was preparing to go to sleep and pictured her being able to ski. She told me Tuesday night that she was able to ski with no problems. I never told her what I had done for her.  I was also impressed with your teaching about goal setting which was a "freebie" beyond the normal training. It has helped me a lot this week. I am excited by the possibilities of the Ultramind system and I know that my life will be forever changed by attending the seminar."
Ronald A. (New Jersey)

Thanks for the Inspiration
Thanks again for a great seminar this weekend. I am truly inspired! I forgot to tell you that one of the things I had been meditating about was to have people come into my life that would help me get though such a painful and difficult time in my life. I'm facing divorce, health problems and recently unfairly terminated from my former employer after being on disability for some time now. Anyway, I believe that you are one of the people that I will be able to look back and say helped turn things around for me with what you covered in the seminar and your personal stories. Thanks for you inspiration! Hope to keep in touch..."

Successful Healing
Hi , I haven't e-mailed you lately. Just wanted to let you know of a pos outcome I had using a Silva Technique about one and half months ago. I had an ultrasound on my thyroid and it showed I had 3 nogulers attached to it. As soon as i got this news I started using a technique to remove them through visualizing. I went in this past Monday for a biopsy of the 3 nogulars. The women who was doing the ultrasound and I just knew in my gut that they were gone. She told me she had to talk with Doc. The Doc said there are absolutely no nogulars there to biopsy. What a mind blowing experience. I was actually surprised the technique worked because i have problems with visualizing."
Bill K. (New Jersey)

Never felt More Relaxed in my Whole Life
"I have never felled more relaxed and at peace in my whole live, the centering and meditation exercises are remarkableYou feel alive and fully charged after just 10 minutes. I came in as a skeptic having read about the remote viewing exercise.  When I succeeded with my first case by the end of the two day seminar I was blown away.  An incredible journey into the inner workings of the mind.  While I don't fully comprehend how it works, I now know for myself that it does work."
~ Michael R, Manager of Corporate Strategy, Ebay. (San Jose, California)

All I can say is WOW
"I atteneded the Silva Ultramind seminar, and all I can say is WOW. It is a two day seminar that will revolutionize the way you use your mind. I'm 18 years old and, knew I needed something in my life that could help me accomplish my goals. Not only did I start accomplishing my goals the next day, it made me look at life in a totally different manner. I have now eliminated most of the stress in my life, and came to a huge realization. Anybody no matter how smart or stupid or something in between can accomplish anything in this life as long as you approach the situation in the right manner. The seminar is truly a mind expanding experience, and if you feel there are things in your life that you desire, but don't believe you can achieve take this course."
~ Ben Jones (Los Angeles, California)

Changed my Consciousness Forever
"The Silva UltraMind seminar really changed my consciousness forever. I left with an empowerment I did'nt have before. I left with the belief that I can have whatever I want because thoughts create my reality. Many good things have come into my life since connecting to this concept. I had such a great time too........and you were a pleasure"
Joseph A. (Washington DC)

Thank You for an Amazing weekend
"I just want to say THANK YOU, for that amazing weekend, I always knew that I had something special. On that weekend we put together everything I've been reading all my life. THANKYOU, AGAIN. You are a wise man. I'd be interested in taking another kind of seminars with you. Related to our spiritual progress"
~ Mauricio G (Brooklyn NY)

"Thanks for a great seminar! I feel invigorated and inspired! For me some of the things were completely jaw dropping and truly amazing."
~ Mary A.

"UltraMind has changed my life forever. It made my life exciting and I look forward to my future. Thank you." ~ KG

"UltraMind is very powerful and fantastic seminar!! So many techniques I can use. This is just a beginning of my new life. Thank you very much Burt." ~ KL

"The Best! The Best! The Best! More!!!" ~ CH

"An incredibly empowering experience." ~ Rev. PD

"The class was not about miracles, but miracles abounded." ~ CR

"It was excellent experience." ~ JR

"Never expected so much. My back is better and I now know the way to get the things I want. Five star class." ~ FC

"I love each moment of Silva UltraMind. Thanks for teaching us to change our lives and love ones lives for better." ~ BH

"Great class. I love the stories because they illustrate your point and stories good as anchor." ~ KO

"I flew in from New York to attend Burt’s seminar. It was worth the trip ten times over."
~ TH

"Thanks for the healing." ~ CC

"I had been lethargic for many months. Now after UltraMind with Burt Goldman I feel inspired and energetic and motivated again. Thank you." ~ CG

"Many good ideas and disciplines that gel together to form a system of wholeness." ~ SR

"My wife and I flew in from Virginia expecting miracles. We weren’t disappointed. Great, absolutely great." ~ Carl V

"Incredible information, enlightening and optimistic." ~ ML

"Enjoyed the course, especially your real-life examples." ~ MH

"Excellent class. Burt makes the subject matter come alive." ~ JK

"Explained and explored the use of the energy of the universe for health, wealth and happiness." ~ FK

"I drove in from Arizona. Thanks Burt, thanks Marianne. Wow." ~ BR

"This class transforms the etheric into the practical." ~ VK

"What an eye opener!!" ~ JS

"Exactly what I hoped for and what I needed." ~ ED

"The healings were fantastic, the techniques superb, and the exercises were more than I had hoped for." ~ BR

"Unbelievably wonderful and life transforming." ~ RG

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