Closing a Deal

The following is a letter received by Alex Silva from a Student who attended our seminar in California in 2002

Silicon Valley company uses Silva UltraMind technique to negotiate half-million dollar business development deal

Hi Alex !

Such a coincidence that you emailed me now. I have a story I want to share. Feel free to use this a Silva Ultramind Testimonial. In my 10 years of practicing the Silva Method this is the best thing it has ever done for me. And it just happened 30 minutes ago !

30 mins ago I just closed a marketing deal for my company. It was to buy half a million $ worth of advertising on a major website. The problem was that the price quoted by the website ($500,000) was to high. We had a budget of $120,000. We approached them in Nov and asked if they would offer us the ad space for $120,000. They said no. I approached them again in March but they said the space was sold.

Last week I decided to try again using the Silva Ultramind techniques I learnt.  I used the Three Screens technique and imagined us going into a successful deal with the company. The next day I check my email and I find an email from the company saying that suddenly some ad space freed up and they would want to work with us again. And the quote us a price of $120,000.

I felt the price was still too high so I went home and used subliminal programming to ask for a lower price. Today they call me reduced the price to $60,000. Exactly what we were looking for !

My CEO had been negotiating with them for 6 months and could not get the price we wanted. I did it in 1 week and I have little experience doing this sort of negotiating. I really attribute this to the Silva Ultramind. This deal will literally help double the revenue of our 75 person company over the next few years and my CEO is rewarding me with a nice bonus and stock options - although he still can't believe I did it. Tonight, I'm going to mentally thank Jose ;-)

I was just so excited I had to share this with you.

John (named changed at request)