ESP and the Entrepreneur

Victor Kovens receives an award from Jose Silva

Victor Kovens receives an award from Jose Silva

Guidance to help you make better business decisions and achieve your business goals in a stress-free manner

by A. Victor Kovens

Owner, International Group Cruises and Guinness Record Holder

Starting and operating your own small business can be one of the greatest experiences in the world. It certainly has been for me. But it takes a certain kind of person - one with initiative, confidence, self-discipline, and a lot of determination. It also takes a person who enjoys overcoming many, many different kinds of challenges.

The Silva techniques have made my experiences as a small business entrepreneur much easier and a lot more enjoyable. I use the alpha level every day to analyze problems and make decisions, and the more I practice, the more often I make the right decision.

I first took the Silva course in 1974. The following year I got into the Guinness Book of World Records by flying around the world on commercial airlines in less time than anybody had ever done before. In 1979 I followed my intuitive guidance and raveled 240 miles to go on a blind date. My intuitive guidance was correct - we've been happily married for more than twenty years.

In 1987, through the intuitive guidance I got in a dream, I opened a cruise-only travel agency, specializing in group cruises. This has worked out especially well as I now organize several cruises every year for Silva groups. We hold classes and special workshops, and everybody loves it. The instructors who sponsor the cruises get to go for free, we spread the word about Silva, and we help Silva students learn to use even more of their mental abilities.

The biggest, most important, and most satisfying thing I've done in Silva was to help organize a class for homeless people in my hometown of Baltimore. After completing the class, these homeless people had a seventy percent success rate in finding homes or jobs within one week! You can hear all about the project from JoNell Monaco Lytle, the instructor who taught the class, in the News section of this website. If you think I'm dedicated to the Silva ideas and techniques, you're right: I've attended twenty-three of the twenty-five Silva International Annual Conventions in Laredo. I am the only Silva Newsletter subscriber with a lifetime subscription. I attended Jose Silva's ten-day Ultimate Seminar the last seven times he taught it. I've organized and sponsored numerous Silva courses here in Baltimore.

Through the years, I have learned the value of going to my level every day in order to make better decisions in my business and personal life, and to get the guidance I need to continue to achieve even more success. I grew up in a family business. We manufacture little plastic capsules that hold merchandise - small toys, candy, and so forth - in vending machines. They are the kind of machines where you put a coin in and either a capsule comes out with the item inside, or you have some means of "fishing" for the capsule of your choice.

We make and ship about a million of those little plastic capsules every week. My brother has been running that business for the last twenty-five years. I still have a slight involvement in the business and use my level to help in the decision making that keeps it growing and prosperous, but spend most of my time with my own small business, and helping spread the word about the Silva UltraMind Systems and other Silva programs I got into the travel agency business back in the 1970s, and in 1987 opened my own agency specializing in group cruises aboard those big cruise ships. Every small business person must find ways to promote his or her business. With a little "Silva" help, I found a great way to promote my travel business: In 1975 I got into the Guinness Book of World Records by flying around the world on commercial airlines in less than two days.

It took me just 47 hours 48 minutes and 7 seconds to complete the 25,000 mile trip. I crossed the equator twice, landed in nine countries, and touch points exactly 180 degrees opposite each other on the globe: Lima, Peru, and Bangkok, Thailand. I visualized and used mental projection to smooth the way. Every step went just as I programmed it. It was almost as though people were waiting for me, like they had been prepared by my mental projection and were ready to help me continue my record-setting journey.

Getting through customs was no problem. Neither was making all of the connections from one flight to the next. I started in Lima, Peru, and flew to Bogota, Colombia, Caracas, Madrid, Rome, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Los Angles, and back to Lima. After the flight, it was a question of visualizing getting into the Guinness book. I think that was the most important thing. I called the editor of the Guinness book in London, from Los Angeles, to ask him whether I should continue on. But before calling, I entered my level and imagined the telephone conversation. When I actually talked to him, he told me to continue. The words he used in the conversation were almost exactly what I imagined he would say when I was at my level, projecting to him mentally. After I was back on the airplane for the last leg back to Lima, the pilot invited me to come sit in the cockpit. He asked me which direction I wanted to land in Lima. I told him to land whichever way he thought was fastest and best. So thanks to visualizing and mental projection, they reproduced my name 6.5 million times. What was the secret of my programming success? One of the most important elements was the feelings that I incorporated into my programming. Every time I was at my level programming, I thought about how I would feel if I were already in the Guinness book. I imagined seeing my name in the book and made it so real that I could actually feel the pride and sense of accomplishment seeing my name there.

Even though there were some problems to overcome, the project was a big success. One flight was an hour late because they had to fly an extra 600 miles around Vietnam. They were afraid of being shot down. I just kept programming and projecting, and it worked. Everything begins in the mind.

As you can see, there are many, many ways that you can use the creative alpha dimension to help you start and run a small business. Those of us who operate small businesses seldom have the kind of support that large corporations can afford. That makes it all the more important that we nurture our "invisible means of support," as Jose Silva calls it. There is plenty of information available to help you meet every challenge, and you can use your mind to retrieve that information, no matter where it is. And as long as you are doing what you were sent here to do, you will find it easy to get help from higher intelligence to keep you moving along at a rapid pace.