ESP in Psychology

Sam Gonzalez Silva

Sam Gonzalez Silva

How intuition helps in the field of psychology

by Sam Gonzalez Silva

Silva UltraMind ESP System Instructor

Psychologists need to have understanding, insight, compassion, patience, endurance. And often, that's not enough. There is no greater challenge than understanding another human being. It is especially important to be able to make quick accurate evaluations when working in crisis situations as I have done for the last twenty-one years.

For fourteen years I worked for the state of Nevada as Director of Crisis Services. For the last seven years, I've been the Director of Case management, which is less stressful but requires just as much intuition and insight. I've gotten calls in the middle of the night - and I've been "beeped" while presenting Silva classes - to come and evaluate somebody to decide if they need to be committed or not. The wrong choice could lose them.

For instance, I have had to make many quick decisions in the emergency room when people were brought in whose wrists were bleeding because they had attempted to commit suicide. Many counselors will simply play it safe by confining all of these people. But I use my intuition to sense whether this is just a one-time thing because they were depressed over some incident, or if they are chronically depressed and will try again. I've sent a lot of them home, and have never lost one yet. I've made the correct choice every time.

You can also lose them if you select the wrong method of treatment. Sometimes you need to use a confrontational approach. But if you use it at the wrong time, you can lose all of the rapport that you have established.

There is a parole officer who confronted one of his parolees and told the parolee that he was tired of his excuses, if he didn't get a job right now he was going to revocate him and send him back to prison.

That night the parole officer was awakened by a call from a deputy sheriff. The parolee had hanged himself, and in his pocket they found the parole officer's card.

The parole officer did the best he could, but he still carries the guilt of that decision. I am so grateful that I have been able to use my intuition to avoid making a wrong decision like that.

There are many examples of how intuition has helped psychologists help their patients. Here's one.


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