Dealing with Disabilities

Bill Sturdevant

Bill Sturdevant

Positive attitude helps persons with disabilities

by William R. "Bill" Sturdevant

Silva UltraMind ESP System Instructor
(Bill is an award-winning Silva instructor who began presenting Jose Silva's mind training system in Alaska in 1984.)

There are several ways the Silva techniques can help persons with disabilities. I know of many people who have used them very effectively... including myself.

First, the techniques help the individual in coping with the situation. Some people grow bitter when they are hit with a serious problem, but that doesn't help in any way. When we improve our own attitude about the situation, this has enormous benefits. There is less stress on the person with the disability, and they have much more energy they can use to cope and deal with life.

At level, you can come up with more ideas for circumventing the disability, for living life in as normal a way as possible. Here is an example of how the techniques can help:

One man who is experiencing "post polio syndrome" told me that he had quite a revelation at level one day. "I realized that the reason I have so much knowledge and information is that when I was a kid, my activities were so restricted while I recovered from the polio that I spent a great deal of time reading. I read books, magazines, newspapers, anything I could find. "Now the limitations I am experiencing at this time have caused me to go back to using my mind more, since I cannot use my body as much. I realized at my level that the very thing that gave me the knowledge I have today, is now directing...actually forcing...me to put that knowledge to use in a productive manner."

"I would not be doing this if it were not for the new disabilities that I now have. I'd still be running around doing lots of different things, instead of using my knowledge in a way that helps people, by writing, publishing information, making it available to people who can benefit from it. "Analyze your own situation at your level," he suggests. "You might be as surprised as I was at the idea that you get at the alpha level."

He told me that he used Headache Control to deal with the pain, Awake Control to deal with the fatigue that accompanies the post polio syndrome. He also used the Three Fingers Technique to help deal with certain situation.

He also uses the Mirror of the Mind of course.

"I don't want to just mask symptoms," he said. "When using Headache Control to relieve pain, and Awake Control to relieve fatigue, I keep in mind that this is correcting the cause of the problem." We once asked Mr. Silva why the Headache Control Technique works the way it does. It appears that we are only treating the symptom - the pain - and not the underlying tension that causes the headache. Yet thousands of Silva grads have reported that when they used the technique, they stopped getting headaches, and no substitute symptoms ever showed up.

Mr. Silva explained it this way: When you enter your level on your own - not guided by anyone else, such as a hypnotist or Silva instructor - and you do the programming yourself, then your brain and mind understand that you intend to correct the cause of the problem.


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