Intuitive Athlete

Jose Luis Romero

Intuition and anticipation give you the competitive edge

Jose Luis "Pepe" Romero

Director, Silva UltraMind Systems

There are two things that you learn in Jose Silva's UltraMind ESP System that you can use to help you get that winning attitude. It can be in sports, or anything in life.

You always hear that the professionals are focused, they are "in the zone."

The reason that they are at that level is because they are able to go into alpha and use it to do the things they need to do to be successful.You are constantly going into alpha in and out, in and out. Your brain dips into alpha approximately 30 times every minute, for very short periods of time. But do we use it? Are we able to use it? You need to learn to use alpha, how to use it, so that you can be able to extract the information that you need, whatever you need from alpha.

The natural alpha thinker

A few years ago I heard an interview with Larry Bird, one of the top players in basketball. During the interview they were asking him, "How is it that you can make those no-look passes, without looking, without knowing who is behind you, and make them perfectly?"

He said, "I see the play develop before it happens."

What is he doing? Visualizing. He is doing it while he is physically moving around.

You can learn to do those things too.

Better anticipation

You can develop your intuition so that you can use it any time without having to stop and do a countdown.

Intuition is very good, because it can help you in sports, or in anything in life, to be able to anticipate.

If you can anticipate what the opponent is going to do this is true in business and in family life if you can anticipate what your child is going to do, would that be helpful to you? Of course it would. In sports, it is the same thing.


Gaining an advantage