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Intuition in Athletics

Giuseppina "Vidheya" Del Vicario

3-time Italian Martial Arts Champion
Silva Lecturer

Top athletes throughout the world report that intuition and mental projection helps them in many ways.

The ability to correctly anticipate what your opponent is going to do gives you a definite edge in competition. In fact, the ability to use your intuition to get information and to anticipate future events is the real secret to outstanding success in every area of life. If you can use your intuition to sense the best training routine, you will get into better shape more quickly and easily than if you are limited only to random guessing. Any time you can sense what other people are thinking or what they are likely to do, you know exactly how to prepare so that you will be ready for them.

Imagine sensing what someone is willing to pay for your services. You'd know exactly what price you can negotiate. Imagine sensing what opposing players’ game plans are. And imagine being able to send a message to your teammates: To let them know mentally what you are going to do next. Basketball player Walt Frazier said that he and teammate Bill Bradley could do this. “Sometimes he has passed the ball before I've taken the first step. It's like telepathy,” Frazier said in the book Clyde, which he wrote with Joe Jares.

An army instructor at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point put it this way when he spoke of mental training for their athletes: "It's a part of their leadership development, because this is no different really than the ability of a leader to think, problem-solve, react, eliminate distractions in combat." He added, "The ability to maintain focus, to maintain a calm state, and to make critical decisions is paramount to our profession."


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