Finding Love

What are some of the ways that I can use the Silva UltraMind ESP System to help in building better relationships?

Answer: At the end of every day, go to your center (the alpha level) and review the day. Anything that did not go the way you want it to, correct it with the Three Scenes Technique.

  1. If there was something that you didn't like, visualize it in the first scene the way it happened. Then erase it and go to the second scene, towards your left.
  2. In the second scene, change it so that the event unfolded in a different - better - way.
  3. In the third scene, still further to your left, imagine a successful conclusion, where everybody benefits and all parties are satisfied and happy.

Can I use Three Scenes Technique to change things that other people did?

Answer: You can use this technique for both yourself and for other people. If you said something you wish you had not said, or did something you wish you had not done, then visualize it, erase it, and change it.

If you didn't say something that you wish now that you had said, or if you failed to do something that you wished you had done, use the Three Scenes Technique to correct it.

If someone else said something that hurt you, or did something, or failed to say something or do something, then replay the event in the first scene, and correct it in the second scene. Always finish with the third scene showing everybody happy with an outcome that was the best for everyone concerned.

He wanted his wife to grow along with him, but she resisted change. She wanted him to remain the way he was, which seemed very limiting to him. They both got what they programmed for, but neither one of them got what they needed... Be sure to leave some room for higher intelligence to find the person who is perfect for you.

What does Three Scene Technique do to change things?

Answer: It won't change what happened. But by practicing this technique, you can neutralize the negative energy that you have within yourself. When you do that, it will be easier for you to relate to the person the next time you see them.

If you missed an opportunity to tell somebody that you appreciate them, or something that they did, then go back and tell them, in the second scene. And program yourself to express your appreciation and your respect whenever the opportunity presents itself.

If someone failed to thank you or tell you that they appreciated something that you said or did, then go back and imagine them expressing their appreciation and respect. Then take it for granted that it happened - you'll feel better.

Besides your feeling better, as a graduate of Jose Silva's UltraMind ESP System, you know that when you are at your center, the alpha level, then you are able to project your mind anywhere that may be necessary, to correct problems and improve conditions. So if you sincerely desire to make things better for everyone concerned, they will get the message.

How can I attract someone into my life? For example a girl-friend, or someone to help me in my business?

Answer: Use the Mental Video Technique that Jose Silva gave us several years ago, advising us to allow room for higher intelligence to pair us up with the right person. "Avoid being too specific," he said. You may think you know what kind of person would be perfect for you, but remember that you don't know everything. Leave some room for higher intelligence to help you.

Here is an example. There was a woman who wanted to find a man, and a man who wanted to find a woman. The man had heard that women often tend to marry a man because of the potential that they see in him, rather than for what he is right now. He didn't want this kind of pressure, so he programmed to find a woman who would be happy with him the way he was.

Meanwhile the woman, who had heard that men tend to resist change, programmed to find a man who would be willing to change, to grow and to improve himself.

They got together, but they had a problem. As the man began to move ahead in his career, his interests changed. His social activity changed, and his leisure time pursuits changed. The woman didn't like this, because the things he was doing were different than what he did when they were courting. These were not the characteristics she had fallen in love with. When they had met, he was at a certain social level. She enjoyed his friends. Now he was making new friends, at a different level, and she was not comfortable with that. Of course the man was dissatisfied also. He wanted his wife to grow along with him, but she resisted change. She wanted him to remain the way he was, which seemed very limiting to him.

They both got what they programmed for, but neither one of them got what they needed.

So what is the best way to program your goal?

Answer: Be sure to leave some room for higher intelligence to find the person who is perfect for you. You can do it like this. In your first Mental Video, the one you create at the beta brain wave level, visualize yourself in your present situation. Then in the second Mental Video, the one you create while at your level, imagine yourself in the situation you desire. Imagine yourself doing the kind of things you would like to be doing in this kind of relationship.

Do not be so specific that you rule out good possibilities. Leave room for your tutor on the other side to put you together with the best person for you. Imagine the characteristics that you want the person to have, the most important characteristics. Do not rule out the perfect person because they have a different color of hair, for instance. Do not eliminate someone because they like different activities than you like, because you may find that there are things that you never experienced before that you enjoy once you learn about them.

In your Mental Video, imagine being with someone and the two of you being very happy that you are so compatible, that you have built such a good life for yourselves. Higher intelligence can then work out the details of how to bring this about.

During the day, watch for indications... that is, keep an eye out for a person who might fit the bill, who might be the one that higher intelligence is sending to you. Remember, too, that you might not meet Mr. Right or Ms. Right immediately. You might meet somebody else who can teach you something that you will need to know when Mr. Right or Ms. Right comes along.

What would you suggest that I do if I am having problems in a relationship, and I don't know why?

Answer: First, think about it at your center. The alpha level is the ideal level for thinking. Also, pay attention to your dreams. Dreams are like postcards from the subconscious. Once you learn to interpret your dreams, they can give you a lot of information about yourself and your relationships.

One woman had a dream that she was a warrior, and realized that she was being too passive in her relationship with her boy-friend. She started making suggestions about where they could go on dates. It turned out that he liked this a lot. It was less pressure on him, and he felt more confident that they were doing something that she liked instead of her just going along with him to please him.